First blog post

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Is it a coincidence that the galactic fleet ships often look like the tops of puffy cumulous clouds? Not at all. The Galactic Fleet ships ,indeed, are present, in higher levels of dimension. Many have had the awakening and are excited for what is to come- the truth. Many have had the awakening yet choose […]

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Rise Starseed

Riinnngggg! I open my eyes and fashion my hands as though i were shutting off an alarm. I extend my hand as far as it could reach, then drop it low- right into a warm puddle of dog piss. Ok I am up, straight up in the air, but where am I, who am I. […]

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Daily Response: Planet

The earth is our planet. Right now, in this timeline, we our blessed to be able to witness humanity from the 3d to 5d 5th dimension. Did you know that if we all could raise our own vibrations it would in turn raise our planets vibration and we could then all evolve into 5d?! Even […]

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In the begining

At first it was obvious- I know almost everything. Later on I was like, ” for sure I know everything.” Shortly after is when I thought,”what did i think i knew because I know nothing at all.” What has come to pass is the years of silence. I thought I was bieng rejected by God. […]

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